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Kenar, Tradition on the Table, Plus and Private Label are brands of Talar Foods:

Initial production at Talar Foods began in a small workshop more than 25 years ago. The company was founded under the name "Kenar", which is also the name of the brand with the longest history. It is personally related to the founder of the company - Zare Shahbazyan, named to his grandmother Kanar, who prepared delicious home-made salads and dishes. The love for food and people are part of our legacy that wekeepand develop everyday.

Talar is a synonym of tradition, reliable partnership and personal attitude to the client’s needs. With more than 29 years’ experience in the area of food industry, we are working with leading hypermarket chains and restaurants and prepare products for their own brands.

With Private Label we meet the requirements of professionals, of our business partners, and at the same time – of every individual. Tradition on the Table is a brand based on Talar Foods principles: taste – tradition – time saving – convenience. Salads, sauces and especially cooked dishes can be distinguished with their high quality and give the sense of warmth and comfort. This is why we like home-made food.

Our brands are tradition of taste with which you can save time and enjoy convenience!